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Canada / USA

Trusted immigration and advisory expertise on both sides of the border.

For many organizations Canada is a key target market – either on its own or as part of a broader North American strategy. Immigration policies are fluid, and being responsive to sector opportunities as they arise can be a significant competitive advantage for businesses and individuals interested in Canada as a destination.


For individuals, demonstrating in-demand skillsets can be a significant advantage in your pursuit of either a work permit or permanent residency. The approach our group takes is to have you complete a pre-consult questionnaire, which will provide the basis for a direct consult with an RCIC. This consultation take the form of a discovery session to help us understand your goals, and for the RCIC to provide you with recommended paths that will help you meet your goals.

For corporations, Canadian government has created fast track programs intended to help foster sector growth, and has helped build supporting ecosystems in most major centers across the country. As the US has recently sought to further constrain immigration, Canada continues to provide attractive alternatives which can diversify and de-risk the workforces of global organizations.

Our areas of focus

  • Partner expertise in corporate tax, law, real estate, HR, business plan writing and marketing to help your business set up or expand into Canada

  • Long-term strategic immigration guidance to support your individual and corporate ambitions on both sides of the border through a Canada based RCIC, and our US Immigration partner.

  • Leverage Canadian programs to mitigate challenges around the H-1B category, allowing you to retain core personnel

Contact us to conduct an initial assessment, consult, and to

discuss program options.

"I am a believer that teams are reflective of the their leaders and our Canadian-inbound immigration teams command the highest accolades and expertise in the industry."

Daniel Morris, CEO & Chief Legal Officer, Great Lakes Immigration Worldwide

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