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About Us

​Through our partners, we provide immigration services into Canada for companies and individuals.

We listen, ask questions, and help develop an immigration plan uniquely suited to your short and long term needs.

Our network of immigration partners and professional associates in other sectors are well-versed in supporting corporate clients across a wide variety of sectors, ranging from start-ups to large global multi-nationals.


In addition to providing full application filing support through a senior RCIC, our partners in other sectors also offer a full suite of advisory services for organizations looking to expand into the Canadian market and for individuals requiring additional related services. Our Canadian partners are industry leaders in legal set up, global taxation guidance, HR programs, and real estate.  


Nickel-Lane Immigration currently has Canadian partners and team members based in Toronto, Calgary, and Canmore, Alberta.


Ken Nickel-Lane, RCIC

Managing Director 
Nickel-Lane Immigration

For the past two decades I have been immersed in global mobility, workforce solutions, and immigration services while leading the Canadian operations of global firms, most recently as the Managing Director for Newland Chase Canada. Through that time, I have worked with individuals and corporations in multiple sectors in Canada and around the world, from oil and gas majors to family owned feedlots to individuals looking for a better life in Canada.


I thrive on working with my teams and clients, finding solutions that enable people to reach their goals, no matter what the scale and scope. Working globally and building strong relationships with international business partners has been one of my great joys. These referral partners are people I know well and trust to deliver the same quality, service, and care that we do. This group is not a sprawling complex corporate network, this is a lively interactive group of like-minded subject matter experts in their own countries. Together we work with clients to help them regardless of their goals or corporate aspirations, working directly and providing very agile solutions across a wide range of countries.


You can learn more from my LinkedIn profile, and if you follow me there you will also see how we live our life here in Canada. Life for us here is all about family, and enjoying the outdoors together, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding and enjoying all Canada’s Rockies have to offer.

RCIC R707615

Partner Advisors

We are connected to a team of trusted leaders in the fields of corporate tax, business plan writing, law, real estate and HR. These affiliations allow us to provide one-stop services for companies looking to expand into Canada, or for individuals that may need additional in-market expertise with referrals to individuals and groups we have known and worked with over many years.


Kevin Weeks

Managing Partner, Mergen Law

Kevin Weeks has over 40 years of extensive business, operational and legal knowledge, practice and experience in a number of fields and industries, including real estate, leasing and property development, mortgage and property financing, intellectual property, import/export, telecommunications and the publishing, recording and entertainment industries. He has been involved, both professionally and as principal in negotiating and closing large complex commercial and corporate transactions, both domestic and international.


An entrepreneur by nature and deed, Kevin conveys a practical legal business acumen and utilizes his skills at assisting and advising clients with strategic direction and organizing their legal affairs in a common sense and strategic manner.

Image by Timo Wielink

Global Network

With network partnerships in place in more than 40 countries worldwide, we offer international reach backed by on the ground, local expertise. 

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC)

All filings for our clients are completed by experienced Senior RCICs in good standing with significant experience working on behalf of individuals and corporations.

Adult Students

"Ken is one of the most intuitive sales people I know. He can quickly frame an issue in the context of the big picture and collaboratively build a solution that is relevant, but also gets the specifics of the moving pieces...a very rare combination. He is also wonderful at building networks to collaboratively problem-solve. He builds relationships by delivering value...both with the client and with his colleagues."

Rebekah Kowalski, Vice President, Manpower Manufacturing at ManpowerGroup

Image by John Bakator
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